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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dubai Marina Overview

Master-developer Emaar, in its latest property prospectus, provides a detailed and apparently updated graphic of the Marina, as pictured below. A number of interesting features can be observed in the graphic, in particular:
  • A total of 6 bridges cross the Marina canal. (The second and sixth bridge, from left, have not yet been constructed while the first is to be rebuilt.)
  • The layout of the two new Sheikh Zayed Road interchanges are detailed. The first (top left) is presently under construction and the second has not yet been started.
  • The Marina mall complex at the Marina center (the large circular structure, presently under construction) is clearly visible.

Click image to enlarge, select maximum view or easy-print view.
  • Two larger docks (not including the DIMC harbor at Marina entrance) and two smaller ones, including one in front of the Marina mall, are clearly laid out.
  • The Marina proper, landscaped and delineated with shrubbery, appears bordered with dotted lines. (The Jumeirah Beach Residences are included.)
  • A complete picture of the planned roadworks, allowing for quick access to the JBR complex and other features, is also visible.
Other interesting features visible in the larger image are an unidentified T-shaped structure among the first block of towers (far left)--rumored to be a mall, a wide and seemingly tiered structure atop a podium at the edge of the Marina in Phase 1, and a park or sports ground of some sort at the far right. Post revised, 30-Dec-06

The following links provide detail: 1st interchange, 2nd interchange, T-mall, tiered structure, new roadworks, Marina mall, smaller dock & sports ground.

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