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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Le Rêve


In most apartment buildings, the most sumptuous sits at the top – the penthouse. Le Rêve is all penthouses! Aimed at the wealthy who want privacy and discretion along with the best in home luxury, the building contains quarters for staff and drivers at the bottom, enabling owners to enjoy a lifestyle normally reserved for exclusive hotels. See complete article.

The quote is from an online publication geared toward youthful readers, but its language does well to convey the extraordinary nature of this Marina project. The Le Rêve tower's understated exterior seems to almost deliberately belie its extravagent features. The developer's website expands on this theme:

All residents of Le Rêve benefit from secure private valet parking (with separate living accommodation for chauffeurs on parking floors), access to the temperature-controlled rooftop pool and landscaped gardens, a fully-equipped gymnasium and 24-hour concierge service.

Translated into English, the French Le Rêve means the Dream. The tower rises 210 meters with 82 apartment units spread over its 50 floors. It has already topped out and completion is scheduled for February 2006. The design incorporates two apartment types--one allowing for two units per floor and the other requiring a whole floor to itself. In essence every unit is a penthouse. However, noteworthy distinction may still be applied to the topmost unit or super penthouse--a duplex apartment of unique design with not only 4 dedicated lifts, but also an interior elevator to service its two floors. Highest prices are reportedly in the range of US $7 million.
--31 Dec. 2005

With Reference to MAG 218:

This near neighbor to the MAG 218 tower will be striking in its dissimilarities. Appearance-wise the Le Rêve features a mature, classic design while the MAG 218 presents a more youthful, contemporary look. The real differences lie in the interiors and the target market for these two towers. While the MAG 218 is designed to highlight simple functionality and modest yet stylish living, the Le Rêve aims to offer a fully-serviced, exclusive and luxurious lifestyle. It must be said, however, that like the MAG 218, the Le Rêve is more a statment of simple elegance than oppulance or pretension. The tower, despite its exclusivity, will complement the other towers in the neighborhood by adding yet one more unique and distinctive design.


Floor Plan:

   The incredible Royal Classic penthouse. Additional plans at developer's site.


Towering above the Dubai International Marine Centre,

The specs on this tower are amazing. When completed one might expect a measurable influx of capital into the Dubai Marina district, considering the amount of wealth those who move in will need to have. (Eighty-two millionaires in a single tower!) Not only will these residences be expensive to purchase, but annual management fees are sure to represent a substantial continuing investment.

All the luxury aside, the tower's appearance is not so specatacular. Its designer, London based consultancy W.S. Atkins, the same firm noted for having designed the renown Burj Al Arab, seems to have decided to avoid ostentation and go with modest understatment. Many of the surrounding towers will probably draw more attention although none will match the Le Rêve in terms of exclusivity. --31 Dec. 2005

   Seaview from Le Rêve, photo taken by Andrew Lemon.

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