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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dubai Marina Tower Directory

Dubai Marina Phase 1 Area (2-Sep-06)

This work in progress will be regularly updated (last update 09-Feb-08) to provide a comprehensive listing of all towers in the Dubai Marina. Primary sources for the roster are Project Dubai's Property Finder's Guide and's Dubai Marina Forum.

The listings which follow include links to images and further details on each tower. Tower names are color-coded:
  • Red = completed
  • Green = under construction
  • Gold = planned
See Rustar Real Estate's interactive map to locate individual tower plots.
(Note: Towers whose names begin with "Al~," "The~," etc. are listed under "A," "T" and so on respectively.)

Alphabetical Listing of Towers (approximate no. of floors):
  1. 2N Tower (Al Habtoor Tower) (32), image, article, forum
  2. 23 Marina (89), image, info, forum
  3. Al Areifi Marina (31), image, forum, developer
  4. Al Bateen Tower Hotel (30), image, forum
  5. Al Bateen Tower Residence (50)
  6. Al Dua'a Marina (26), image, forum, article
  7. Al Fattan Tower 1 (51), image, forum
  8. Al Fatan Tower 2 (Oasis Beach Hotel) (51), info
  9. Al Habtoor Tower (commercial) (40), images: 1 (render), 2 (u/c), article, forum
  10. Al Majara 1 (35), images: 1, 2, forum, developer
  11. Al Majara 2 (32),
  12. Al Majara 3 (15),
  13. Al Majara 4 (12),
  14. Al Majara 5 (10),
  15. Al Rostamani Tower (Number One Dubai Marina) (54), image, article, forum
  16. Al Sahab (Tower 1) (44), images: 1, 2, developer, forum
  17. Al Sahab (Tower 2) (24),
  18. Al Seef (44), info, forum
  19. Arshia Marina (35), image, forum (NO ACTIVITY!)
  20. ARY Marina Piers (19), image, forum (NO ACTIVITY!)
  21. ARY Marina View (12), image, forum
  22. Azure (6), image, forum
  23. Bay Central (50), image, forum
  24. Bay Central East (36),
  25. Bay Central West (36),
  26. Bayside Residence (24), images: 1 (render), 2 (u/c), forum, article
  27. Beachfront Tower Hotel (65), forum
  28. Botanica Tower (40), forum
  29. Casa Del Mar (30), images: 1 (render), 2 (u/c), developer, forum
  30. Casa Del Sol (15), image
  31. Damac Heights (90), forum
  32. D.E.C. (Tower 1) (22), images: 1 (render), 2 (u/c), developer: 1, 2, forum
  33. D.E.C. (Tower 2) (26),
  34. Delta 1 (22), image, forum, (NO ACTIVITY!)
  35. Delta 2 (21), image, forum, (NO ACTIVITY!)
  36. Dolce Vita (25), forum
  37. Dorra Bay (22), forum
  38. Dreams (29), forum
  39. Dubai Marina Phase I (Al Mass) (31), info
  40. Dubai Marina Phase I (Al Yass) (27),
  41. Dubai Marina Phase I (Anbar) (19),
  42. Dubai Marina Phase I (Fairooz) (23),
  43. Dubai Marina Phase I (Mesk) (40),
  44. Dubai Marina Phase I (Murjan) (40),
    Dubai Marina Phase I (21-Dec-05)

  45. Dubai Marina Star (27), image, article, video, forum
  46. Dubai Promenade: Beach Tower--Douj, image: 1 (location), 2 (render-1), 3 (render-2), 4 (render-3), developer, forum
  47. Dubai Promenade: Beach Tower--Heirrat
  48. Dubai Promenade: Boutique Hotel
  49. Dubai Promenade: Channel Tower--Al Gharbi (42), image: 1 (render-1), 2 (render-2)
  50. Dubai Promenade: Channel Tower--Al Shimal (50)
  51. Dubai Promenade: Channel Tower--Suheili (42)
  52. Dubai Promenade: Icon Hotel
  53. Dubai Promenade: Marina Tower--Fulq
  54. Dubai Promenade: Marina Tower--Safeena
  55. Dubai Promenade: Marina Tower--Sarieh
  56. Dubai Promenade: Office Tower
  57. Eden Blue Tower (28), forum
  58. Elite Residences (91), image, article, forum
  59. Emerald Residence (7), forum
  60. Emirates Crown (63), article, forum
  61. Gargash Tower (21), image, forum
  62. Grosvenor House (Hotel) (48), image, forum
  63. Grosvenor House, the Residence (45), article, forum
  64. Habtour Grand Hotel (Tower 1) (18), forum
  65. Harbour Residence (20), forum
  66. Habtour Grand Hotel (Tower 2) (24),
  67. Horizon Tower (45), forum
  68. Infinity (80),
  69. Iris Blue (36), forum
  70. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower A01) (42), developer, video, forum
  71. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower A02) (40),
  72. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower A03.1) (22),
  73. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower A03.2) (40),
  74. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower A04) (54),
  75. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B01-Hotel) (54),
  76. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B02) (36),
  77. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B03-T01-Hotel) (54),
  78. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B03-T02) (33),
  79. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B04-T01) (22),
  80. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B04-T02) (41),
  81. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B05-T01) (23),
  82. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B05-T02) (24),
  83. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B06-T01) (36),
  84. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B06-T02) (46),
  85. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B07-T01) (40),
  86. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B07-T02) (38),
  87. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower B07-T03) (39),
    Jumeirah Beach Residences (13-Jul-06)

  88. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C01-T03) (37),
  89. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C02-T01) (48),
  90. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C02-T02) (46),
  91. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C03) (46),
  92. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C04-T01) ( ),
  93. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C06-T01.1) (31),
  94. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C06-T01.2) (17),
  95. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C06-T03) (49),
  96. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C06-T06) (38),
  97. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C07-Hotel) (54),
  98. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C08) (45),
  99. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C09-T01) (34),
  100. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C09-T02) (52),
  101. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower C09-T03) (49),
  102. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower D01-T01) (46),
  103. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower D01-T02) (27),
  104. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower D01-T03) (40),
  105. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower D02-T01) (33),
  106. Jumeirah Beach Residences (Tower D02-T02) (26),
  107. Katherine Price Mondatori Tower (40), forum
  108. KG Tower (20), forum
  109. La Residencia Del Mar (15), forum
  110. La Riviera (37), forum
  111. Le Rêve (50), info, forum
  112. Lootah Complex (8), image, forum
  113. MAG 218 (64), info, forum
  114. Manchester Tower (30), forum
  115. Marina 101 (101), forum
  116. Marina Arcade Tower (65), forum
  117. Marina Crown (52), info, forum
    Marina Crown, No. 1 Dubai Marina, Al Seef Tower (23-Jul-06)

  118. Marina Diamond 1 (15), forum
  119. Marina Diamond 2 (15),
  120. Marina Diamond 3 (15),
  121. Marina Diamond 4 (20),
  122. Marina Diamond 5 (20),
  123. Marina Diamond 6 (20),
  124. Marina Diamond 7
  125. Marina Garden (75),
  126. Marina Heights (55), info, forum
  127. Marina Mall Hotel & Serviced Apartments (40), image, forum
  128. Marina Mall Gourmet Tower (8),
  129. Marina Mall Office Tower (40),
  130. Marina Mansions (30), forum
  131. Marina Park (6), forum
  132. Marina Pearl (5), forum
  133. Marina Pinnacle (67), info, forum
  134. Marina Promenade (Attessa) (35), image, developer, forum
  135. Marina Promenade (Aurora) (23),
  136. Marina Promenade (Beauport) (24),
  137. Marina Promenade (Delphine) (28),
  138. Marina Promenade (Paloma) (39),
  139. Marina Promenade (Shemara) (36),
  140. Marina Quays (East) (9), forum, developer
  141. Marina Quays (North) (9),
  142. Marina Quays (West) (39),
  143. Marina Residence (17), forum
  144. Marina Sail (24), images:1, 2, forum
  145. Marina Suites (serviced apartments) (16), image, developer, forum, (NO ACTIVITY!)
  146. Marina Terrace (38), forum
  147. Marina Tower (33), forum
  148. Marina View (Tower A) (24), image, forum
  149. Marina View (Tower B) (12),
  150. Marina Wharf 1 (Platinum Tower) (24), image, forum
  151. Marina Wharf 2 (29), image
  152. Marinascape (Avant) (34), image, developer, forum
  153. Marinascape (Oceanic) (26),
  154. My Tower (36), forum
  155. Ocean Heights (82), forum
  156. Ocean Heights II (105), forum
    Illustration (source) of some of the tallest towers to be built in the Marina.

  157. Orra Marina (32), image, forum
  158. Panoramic (8), forum
  159. Park Island (Blakely) (24), developer, forum
  160. Park Island (Bonaire) (28),
  161. Park Island (Fairfield) (28),
  162. Park Island (Sanibel) (24),
  163. Pentominium (120), forum
  164. Pier 8 (40), image, article, forum
  165. Pier 24 (Radisson Sas Venti Quattro) (24), image, forum
  166. Princess Tower (Al Amira) (107), info, forum
  167. Roshana Tower (Dusit Residence) (35), forum
  168. Royal Oceanic (35), forum
  169. Shahla Tower (40), image, forum
  170. Silverine 1 (35), forum
  171. Silverine 2 (25)
  172. Skyview Tower (32), image, forum
  173. Sulafa Tower (75), image, article, forum
  174. Supreme Residency 2 (16),
  175. Supreme Tower (16),
  176. The Atlantic (20), image, forum, developer
  177. The Belvedere (6), forum
  178. The Cascades (17), forum
  179. The Harbour Hotel & Residence (59) (formerly Emirates Marina Serviced Apartments, Al Marsa) (59), forum
  180. The Jewels (Tower A) (20), forum
  181. The Jewels (Tower B) (20)
  182. The Lighthouse, stalled (15), image, forum
  183. The Pacific (27), image, forum, (NO ACTIVITY!)
  184. The Point (30), image, forum
  185. The Summit (office tower) (38), image, article, forum
  186. The Torch (80), info, forum
  187. The Waterfront (20), forum
  188. The Waves (Tower A) (27), forum
  189. The Waves (Tower B) (10),
  190. The Zen (19), image, forum
  191. Timeplace (35), image, forum, developer
  192. Trident Grand Resience (45), fourm
  193. Trident Tower (103), image, forum
  194. Westside Dubai Marina (8), info, forum
  195. Yacht Bay (18), forum
  196. Zumurud (30), forum
  197. unnamed tower 1 (34), image, forum
  198. unnamed tower 2 (36), image, forum
  199. unnamed tower 3 (?), forum
  200. unnamed tower 4 (8), forum
  201. unnamed tower 5 (10), forum
  202. unnamed tower 6 (?), forum
  203. unnamed tower 7 (16), forum
  204. unnamed tower 8 (16), forum
Rustar Real Estate plot map--see original.

Alphabetical Listing of Other Properties:
  1. Aqua Moda Shopping Mall, article, forum
  2. Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), info
  3. Dubai Marina Motor Yacht Club, image, forum
  4. Dubai Marina Phase I Villas (Al Mass),
  5. Dubai Marina Phase I Villas (Al Yass),
  6. Dubai Marina Phase I Villas (Anbar),
  7. Dubai Marina Phase I Villas (Fairooz),
  8. Dubai Marina Phase I Villas (Mesk),
  9. Dubai Marina Phase I Villas (Murjan),
  10. Dubai Promenade: Retail Link
  11. Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa, info
  12. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Hotel, info
  13. Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, info
  14. Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, info
  15. Marina Arcade (3), forum
  16. Marina Mall (4),
  17. Marina Walk (mini mall), info
  18. Oasis Beach Hotel, info
  19. Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers, info
  20. The Metropolitan Resort & Beach Club, info
  21. The Ritz Carlton Hotel, info
  22. Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina (10), images: 1, 2, info, forum

See the latest Dubai Marina photos.

Other Sites with DM Tower Listings:
  • Emporis
    The projects' prime location on the shores of the Persian Gulf makes it one of the most sought after addresses in the world once it will be completed. Towers vary in height, from five floor low-rises to supertalls of 100 floors and above...

  • The Emirates Network Real Estate
    It will accommodate over 120 thousand people in their luxury apartment towers and villas, with a unique waterfront view...

  • The Skyscraper Page
    The audacity of the city's rulers is breathtaking. Running out of coastline to build hotels? Build vast artificial islands with 120km (74.5mi) of new beachfront. Need better connections with the world? Build up an award-winning international airline in 15 years...

  • Project Dubai
Update Log:

09 Feb 2008: Properties added: Beachfront Tower Hotel, Botanica Tower, Damac Heights, Dolce Vita, Dubai Promenade Towers & Retail Link, Eden Blue Tower, Harbour Residence, Katherine Price Mondatori Tower, Marina Arcade & Tower, Marina Diamonds 7, Marina Mall Office Tower, My Tower, Pentominium, Silverine Towers, Zumurud.

Status changed to completed: 2N Tower (aka Al Habtoor Tower), Dreams, Emirates Marina Serviced Residences (renamed The Harbour Hotel & Residence), JBR's 37 towers, KG Tower, Lootah Complex, Manchester Tower, Marina Diamonds 2, 3 & 4, Marina Residence, Marina Sail, Marina View Towers, Panoramic, The Jewels, Yacht Bay.

Status changed to under construction: Al Bateen Towers, Bay Central. Dubai Marina Star, Elite Residences, Grosvenor House & Residence, Marina Wharf, Pier 8, Skyview Tower, The Summit, The Zen.

Details updated: Al Dua'a Marina, Al Habtoor Tower, Arshia Marina, ARY Marina Piers, ARY Marina View, Bayside Residence, Casa Del Mar, DEC Towers, Delta 1 & 2, Marina Suites, Pier 24 (now Radisson Sas Venti Quattro), Roshana Tower (now Dusit Residence), The Pacific, Timeplace, Westin Dubai.

07 Jan 2007: Al Bateen Tower added and link for Orra Marina; unnamed tower 9 removed (same as unnamed 1).

31 Dec 2006: Links for Marina Promenade, Marinascape, Marina View, Timeplace and Gargash Tower.

30 Dec 2006: Over 30 entries were given links, mostly forum and image. Two towers were re-labeled as u/c: Arshia Marina and Pier 24. Ten towers were re-labeled as completed: Emerald Residence, Le Reve, Marina Crown, Marina Heights, Marina Park, Marina Pearl, Marina Tower, Al Rostamani Tower (No. 1 Dubai Marina), The Cascades, and Westside Dubai Marina. Two named, Trident Tower, Marina Wharf 2 and eight unnamed towers were added. Platinum Tower was renamed Marina Wharf 1 and No. 1 Dubai Marina was changed to Al Rostamani Tower.

04 Nov 2006: A link to the relevant Dubai Marina forum for a number of towers has been added. Navigate to the last page of each forum to read the latest comments. Towers added: Al Dua-a Marina; Al Habtoor Tower; ARY Marina Piers; Bay Central's Bay West, Bay East & Bay Central towers; Casa Del Mal & Casa Del Sol; Infinity; Marina Mall Hotel, Apartments and Gourmet Tower; Supreme Residency 2; unnamed towers 1 & 2.

02 Oct 2006: Mostly existing hotel properties added. (1) Towers added: The Zen. (2) Other Properties added: Dubai International Marine Club, Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Hotel, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Oasis Beach Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort & Towers, The Metropolitan Resort & Beach Club. (3) Tower details modified: Oasis Beach Tower, Westside.

Go to Dubai Marina Communities' most recent posts, or view the complete listing (by title) of all Dubai Marina Communities and MAG 218 posts.


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